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The more we invest in communities, the less need there will be for monitoring and incarceration. We want to make sure to center the ppl in our message. We need a reallocation of funds and resources. If we have our needs met we won't need state funded violence to "protect" private property.

While I got you here Updated data for 2020 has now been released which shows that U.S. police departments are still receiving an astronomical percentage of discretionary funds compared to other crucial community programs.
The share of the general fund is far higher in other cities such as Los Angeles. The LAPD has a 2020 budget of $1.7 billion according to the report and that accounts for over a quarter of the general fund. The share is even higher in Chicago at 37 percent with the total police budget approximately $1.68 billion. In Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was executed on camera by police, the 2017 data shows that the police budget accounted for 35.8 percent of the general fund, totaling $163 million.

We keep trying to solve collective social, systemic, institutional problems w/ individual market based solutions. We are in need systemic institutional market demolition and a re distribution of resources. The police were created to catch run away slaves. Their mission hasn't changed.

Abolition is about presence, not absence. Re up on those resources.

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